The Equalizer 3 – Without Truce, an exclusive clip of the film to be released on August 30th

In The Equalizer 3 (full title, The Equalizer 3 – Without Truce), Robert McCall he has given up his life as a government assassin. After working hard to undo the atrocious deeds of the past, he consoles himself by doing justice for the oppressed. Arrived in Southern Italy, finally feels at home. However, she soon discovers that his new friends are being held hostage by local crime bosses. She will therefore feel obliged to protect them, challenging the criminals.

The exclusive clip (and Dakota Fanning’s enthusiasm)

“Who are you? What were you doing in that company in Sicily?” Emma Collins/Dakota Fanning asks Robert McCall/Denzel Washington in the Touché clip, shown exclusively from Sky TG24. “The police found many bodies. It was you?”. “Do I look like someone who kills people?” Robert asks her.
The short film, lasting 45 seconds, therefore shows a dialogue between Dakota Fanning and Denzel Washington (the two have already shared the set in 2004, on the occasion of Man on Fire – The fire of revenge).
As reported by Entertainment Weeklythe actress was delighted to reunite with her old setmate: “Working with Denzel once is a dream come true. Twice is… I don’t even know! I’m so happy to be a part of this movie.” he has declared.
It has been almost twenty years since Fanning played a kidnapped young girl: at the time, Washington was tasked with finding her. Throughout this time, the two have always had the utmost respect for each other. In an interview released shortly after Man On Firethe actor praised the young star’s skills: “Dakota is a child, but she is a wonderful actress. And that’s what we did together: we acted. I don’t know what a child actor is: she is an actress”. Fanning echoed this: “Denzel was so kind, and I was so honored to see him every day!”

The Equalizer 3 in Italy

To turn The Equalizer 3the cast held back for a long time in Italy. Much of the film is set in fact between Naples and the Amalfi Coast (Atrani, Maiori, Minori).
In Atrani, the historic center was heavily armored for five days: here, Denzel Washington and his companions recorded shootings, explosions and brawls, day and night. Between takes, the actor took the opportunity to tour the area (falling in love with Positano).
Subsequently, filming moved to Naplesin Jesus Square. Here too, after finishing filming, in the evening Denzel Washington was a guest of numerous locals, mingling with citizens and tourists. Other locations of The Equalizer 3 they were Corso Vittorio Emanuele, near the stairs of the Funicular, via Sedile di Porto, via Sant’Aspreno, piazza Bovio, Corso Umberto I and via Mezzocannone (mainly, nightlife areas).
There is therefore a lot of Italy in the forthcoming film. And there is a lot, lots of action.