The ex-Big Brother couple on the red carpet in Venice for the new project

Two beloved former Big Brother contestants walked the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival: you would never imagine why!

The house of the Big Brother it was the place of their first meeting and their love was born within those walls that we all know very well by now. Not a flash in the pan, but an important and lasting bond that still keeps them united and makes them one of the most beautiful couples in the entire history of the Canale 5 reality show.

GF Venice Film Festival (Credits: Instagram)

Together they have built a wonderful family and with their many fans, on social media, they share many shots of their everyday life in which the deep harmony that unites them is palpable. Just these days the couple appeared on the red carpet of the 79th edition of the Venice Film Festival: both beautiful and elegant, they paraded for a film project that has many points in common with the former gieffino.

The latter is Ascanio Pacellithe Roman noble who participated in the fourth edition of Big Brother won by Serena Garitta. The great-grandson of Pope Pius XII was present at the famous Film Festival together with his wife Katia Pedrotti, known right in the most spied house in Italy. It was 2004 and Pacelli proved very determined to conquer the beautiful Milanese, who initially did not seem very taken.

The facts, however, proved the handsome golfer right: Katia eventually succumbed to his courtship and after 18 years the two are in love more than ever. Meanwhile they also became parents of two wonderful boys: Matilda, born in 2007, and Tancredi, born in 2013. But what were Ascanio and Katia doing on the red carpet?

From Big Brother to the red carpet in Venice: why Ascanio and Katia were at the Festival

Those who in these 18 years have continued to follow the couple also through social media will have noticed that Pacelli and Pedrotti are maintaining themselves magnificently and are as beautiful as in the days of their adventure on Canale 5. On the red carpet they showed themselves in great shape: he in a dark suit, white shirt and tie, she in a long black lace dress with feathers.

“I am next to my life partner in what will be a crazy adventure that I wish him with all my heart to live with the maximum intensity”, said Katia on social media. The adventure that her husband is experiencing concerns her participation as a protagonist in the film Time is still ourswhose plot revolves around the golf, the very sport in which Ascanio was a professional player. Even the Capitoline noble expressed all his enthusiasm for this unprecedented experience that he lived alongside his wife and children: “Pure emotion”, he wrote under a photo with Katia.

Big Brother red carpet Venice
Ex gieffini in Venice (Credits: Instagram)

Would you have ever expected such a novelty for Ascanio?