The expensive passion of Armando Incarnato: mind-boggling price

Passions cost money and Armando Incarnato knows it well. His jewel has a price that makes your head spin. Here’s how much he spent to get it

Armando Incarnate is one of the best known faces of Men and womenthe successful program led by Maria DeFilippibroadcast on the networks Mediaset. Born in Naples in 1977, Armando was married and has a daughter, Michelle. After graduating, he enrolled in the Faculty of Law but he never completed his studies. He was a barman and worked in a supermarket chain as a manager, today he is an entrepreneur.

Armando Incarnato (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

Embodiedin fact, manages a number of hairdressing salons, such as theExclusive Luxury Hair, even if he has repeatedly stated that he does not feel like a hairdresser. In addition to participating in Men and womenArmando had a small part in Gomorrah – The seriesprecisely in the fifth and final season, in which he played a bodyguard.

Perhaps not everyone knows what is the greatest passion of Armando Incarnate. She has spent a lot of money to pursue this kind of interest and has often published photos on Instagram to emphasize what he really likes.

Armando Incarnato, how much does his motorbike cost

Armando Incarnate he has a great passion for motorcycles. On his official profile Instagram she often posts photos with her two-wheeled friends. She recently posted one with a gorgeous MV Agusta Brutalin production since 2001. By doing a quick search on the web, it is possible to find models that cost 25,000 euros but there are some that even reach 40 thousand. A decidedly inexpensive passion!

Armando Incarnate
Armando Incarnato and his MV Agusta Brutale (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

This bike has a fairly poor fairing, it doesn’t have many details and it has side exhausts. The optical unit in one element is the trademark of this motorcycle, manufactured and designed by MV Augustaan Italian company based in Schiranna of Varese. There Brutal it is a motorcycle capable of providing great performance and is known for its speed. It looks like a sports bike but is also quite comfortable.

Its slightly raised handlebar allows it to be comfortable and effective, perfect even for long journeys. The holding of this MV Augusta Brutale it is practically perfect, also because the engine delivery, contrary to what one might believe, is very sweet when more power is requested. Armando Incarnate has one and shows it in many photos, taken in different placesItaly and not only. A clear sign that the motorbike is not just a means of transport for him, but a real companion for life.