The extensive and unexpected message of love from China Suárez to Rusherking

All pairs of China Suarez have been public: David Bisbal, Nicolás Cabré, Benjamín Vicuña of course and now rushing. His current boyfriend is a 22-year-old Argentine. trap singer Both met in the framework of the Bresh Party, although the artist acknowledged in the “PH, Podemos Hablar” program that they had already been talking via chat before.

this past weekend, the China posted on her official Instagram account a video of her boyfriend on stage. In addition, she added a meaningful and extensive message, unexpected for many since the former “Almost Angels” does not usually make her demonstrations of love too public, except for her children. “I fell in love with him because he fought for a dream that seemed impossible to achieve. I fell in love with him because of how his friends love him. I fell in love with him because it’s not that he doesn’t feel afraid, but because he advances in spite of it. I fell in love with the way he loved me, with his heart and his noble gaze, ”the actress began the tender and sincere text.

“I fell in love because I don’t know how he does it, but he hugs me and I know everything will be fine. I fell in love because he values ​​me as a mother, woman and professional. I fell in love because he knows how to accompany me, because he drives kms, or takes as many planes as necessary to see me” he continued Suarezfocusing on each time you have to travel for a project or a movie.

“I fell in love because it hugs me and melts into my skin,” he wrote. “Never settle for less, never” was the sincere recommendation that she made to her fans. Already speaking directly to rushingexpressed: “Today I admire you and love you more than yesterday, and I tell you, but I also like to share the pride I feel when @silvitinacanal (singer’s manager) sends me these videos.”

“You are great above and below” was the phrase with which the posting concluded, which exceeded 170,000 likes and 2,600 comments. “You have me crazy” and “You made me cry, how wonderful to get off the stage and read this I love you so much my love, thank you for being the way you are with me, I couldn’t be more grateful to have come across you in my life, I WANT TO BE WITH YOU NOW HIMSELF and I am the one who admires you, I learn from you every day My little chinese beautiful I ALREADY TRAVELED TO SEE YOU” were the emotional messages that the singer answered.