The Fall Guy, the trailer and what to know about the new film with Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt

Universal Pictures has released the trailer for The Fall Guythe new action comedy directed by David Leitch with a stellar cast led by Emily Blunt and Ryan Goslingrespectively stars of the two biggest box office hits of the 2023 season: Oppenheimer And Barbie.
While the British actress abandons Nolan’s dark atmospheres for a brilliant character, Gosling, fresh from Ken’s exploits in Greta Gerwig’s cult, continues to make sparks as a stuntman at the end of his career, a role that cannot fail to please his fans and beyond.

The plot: a love story full of danger

The over three minutes of images of trailer Of The Fall Guyalso made available in Italian by Universal, offer a broad preview of what Leitch’s next comedy will be like which, after Bullet Trainone of the most visible titles of 2022, returns to offer the public a new story made up of crazy adventures, races, twists And tumbles.
Gosling here is Colt Seavers, a stuntman who, after having given his best in Hollywood, accepts yet another gig, even if it is now quite shabby. She is the director on set his ex-girlfriendplayed by Emily Bluntwho has to deal with the unwelcome presence of her past love and with the mysterious disappearance of the protagonist of her film, the movie star Tom Ryder who has the face of Aaron Taylor-Johnson.
The dual objective, then, for the stuntman Gosling who is asked, as an extra task, to find the actor and save his production, a not a little dangerous mission in which, however, he will throw himself (literally) because it could make him recover the love of his ex.

The Fall Guyadaptation of the cult series of the same name

Chases, leaps into the void from hair-raising heights, fights and situations beyond the limits of risk are the ingredients of the Leitch cinema which is very popular with his fans who, once again, are the recipients of a star-studded show. In addition to the aforementioned trio of protagonists, in The Fall Guy they also find space Hannah Waddingham, Stephanie Hsu (seen in Everything Everywhere All at Once), Winston Duke And Teresa Palmer.
The explosive title is undoubtedly filled with metacinematic momentswhich, overall, makes it a sort of “love letter” – to use the words of the producer and Leitch’s wife, Kelly McCormick – to the world of big and small screen productions. LeitchFurthermore, he knows the world of stunts very well since before moving behind the camera he was a famous Hollywood stunt, accredited stunt double for Brad Pitt and Jean-Claude Van Damme. After having dedicated part of your life to an active role, you chose to deal with the training and coordination of these essential figures in the world of cinema by founding 87Elevena company that brings together stunts and stunt doubles.
Written by Drew Pearce, The Fall Guy is based on television series Profession Danger (whose original title is, precisely, The Fall Guy), broadcast in Italy in the 1980s. There the protagonist was the actor Lee Majorsborn in 1939, who also has a role in Leitch’s film.