The family of Grey’s Anatomy expands: the actress became a mother two months ago, only now comes the announcement

The family of Grey’s Anatomy expands: the beloved actress has become a mother and has only announced it now.

Grey’s Anatomy is a television series that has been broadcast since 2005. We are in its eighteenth season, which began a few weeks ago. It all began with the lead character, Meredith Gray, who arrived at Seattle Grace Hospital for graduate school after graduating from medical school.

The Grey’s Anatomy actress has become a mother: only now has she announced it (source youtube)

This experience goes hand in hand with that of her other peers, tormented by sentimental and other problems, like her. In recent years we have met many actors and actresses, several have left, saying goodbye to the TV series, others are new entries, and others are still present. We gave you, at the beginning, very sweet news: an actress became a mother! We met her in Grey’s Anatomy and we reveal that she is still present today.

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The Grey’s Anatomy actress has become a mom: she only announced it now, after a few days

The beloved actress had announced she was pregnant only a few months ago. In August she had posted a photo showing herself with a pregnancy test in her hands and thus revealed the news.

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Today, Kelly McCreary has become a mother to a sissy! It was she who announced it on the social channel, posting a photo of the girl: “Our everything …”, he wrote in support. Her followers and many colleagues have left her many good wishes. It would seem that the baby was born more than a month ago, exactly on October 3, as revealed by Peolpe, but the birth has only now been announced.

Kelly McCreary became a mom
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Kelly in Grey’s Anatomy plays Margaret Pierce, a cardiothoracic surgeon. He arrives at Gray Sloan at the end of season 10, not only to get a job but also to hear about his birth mother, Ellis Gray. The first person she reveals this to is Richard Webber, unaware that it is her biological father. In season 10, we saw the actress arrive as a guest star in two episodes. From the eleventh she joined the cast regularly and to this day, her character is still present. For two months, the actress and her husband Pete Chatmon have become parents.