The famous actress has made it known that she has separated from the father of her children

Sensational revelation to the weekly Oggi: the actress has separated from her husband after 13 years of marriage and says it for the first time.

There is no peace for lasting couples in this summer 2022. Or at least, this seems to be the season of truths that come to light in the sentimental field. If most of us still find it hard to believe that Totti and Ilary Blasi are no longer together, news of other unexpected separations.

Actress separated from her husband (Credits: Youtube)

It happened for example also with Anna Falchi, who after 11 years said goodbye with former teammate Andrea Ruggieri. And now, through an interview that appeared in the weekly Today, we learn of another well-known face of the show whose marriage has come to an end. No official announcement from those directly involved so far, but now the truth is finally known.

She is a highly regarded Italian actress, star of many highly successful films in which she has worked alongside equally talented and famous colleagues. Her career, which began at a very young age after the death of her father, is studded with very demanding roles that have highlighted her great artistic skills, making her a true ‘column’ of Italian cinema. We reveal who it is, are you ready?

Shocking revelation of the famous actress: she separated from her husband, no one knew

AND’ Giovanna Mezzogiorno to give the well-known weekly the sensational announcement of the breakup with the father of his children. During the interview, the actress de The last Kiss has taken the opportunity to clarify once and for all that, although lately we have rarely seen her engaged in new work projects, it does not mean that we should pay attention to the rumors that inevitably begin to circulate when it comes to well-known characters like her.

“If I work less, urban legends start: they say I’m sick, that I take drugs, I drink, I take psychiatric drugs”, he says, silencing the usual unfounded gossip. Simply, Giovanna has decided to devote herself more to her childrenthe twins Leone and Zeno born premature in 2011. A very true he had in fact said: “They were born premature like many twins and were in intensive care”. A path that has put her to the test, but in the end she is happy to have completed.

Their father is Alessio Fugoloa film engineer whom the actress met for the first time in 2009 on the set of the film Win and whom he married in the same year in Grinate, on Lake Como. The two separated and only now the Roman artist has decided to make the news public.

Meanwhile, we will soon see Mezzogiorno as a mother in the film Amandawhich will be presented at the Venice Film Festival.

separate actress
Actress unexpected confession (Credits: Youtube)

Are you ready to go and applaud her at the cinema?