The famous presenter comes out in the open: she is in love, surprise announcement

The surprise announcement arrives: the famous presenter comes out, she is in love! He revealed it during an interview.

After an unsuccessful marriage, a daughter and years spent in solitude, the sunny and well-known presenter announces that she has fallen in love with a mysterious man stranger to the world of entertainment.

The famous presenter is in love, the surprise announcement arrives (Source Instagram)

The presenter in question is a great professional, and over the years she has managed to win the sympathy of the public, who follow her with great dedication. But the woman is also a very private person, in fact she rarely talks about her private life. Apparently there was an exception this time! The presenter spoke with an open heart, during an interview, about the feelings she feels for her new partner, outside the world of television and met at a conference. “I am in love and even if it ends tomorrow I am grateful because I felt life return to me after having gone through very difficult and sad years” seems like love at first sight between the two.

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The famous presenter is in love, surprise announcement!

The interview done with Who, the newspaper of Alfonso Signorini, is very intimate, especially for the woman who has always been very reserved. It is about Monica Setta, legendary presenter, journalist and also writer. The woman has been married to a fellow journalist for many years Giuliano Torlontano, until their divorce in 2011. The ex-couple also had a daughter together, Nome Gaia, who recently graduated in law. During the interview with Who, the Sect told of having met its new flame, a few years older, at a conference of Department of the Treasury.

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note conductor is in love
Source Instagram

The presenter opens her heart revealing that she never expected to find love again. He said that “love has always occupied first place, perhaps too much. In the meantime, after the latest disappointments, I had decided to dedicate myself only to my family and closest friends ”. Then she met him and revealed that “within two months, I found myself dedicating Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s most beautiful words to a man: ‘I love you not for who you are, but for who I am when I’m with you'” .

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We are very happy for the presenter Monica Setta, and we wish him much happiness along with his new and mysterious companion.