The famous presenter says she said ‘no’ to the role of Letterina di Passaparola

Only now the famous presenter has revealed that she has said ‘no’ to the role of word of mouth: you would never imagine who we are talking about.

You all remember word of mouth, right? Aired for the first time in the late 90s, the pre-evening game show hosted by Gerry Scotti kept the Canale 5 audience company for eight editions and a total of 1553 episodes.

Famous host. Credits: Instagram

All fans of word of mouth will know very well that what made the quiz unique and unforgettable was not only its conductor, who still continues to be an established face of Italian television, but also the so-called ‘letters’. Ilary Blasi and Silvia Toffanin, for example, started riding the crest of the wave thanks to the historic Canale 5 program. And in addition to becoming two successful conductors, they also became great friends. Just think, it is said that it is Verissimo’s hostess who plays a fundamental role in what could happen to the splendid Roman in a few months. Perhaps not everyone knows, however, that one famous presenter nostrana said ‘no’ to take on the role of a letter from Word of mouth when she was just a little girl. It was she who said it, perhaps for the first time, during a very recent interview with the weekly F.

The famous presenter said ‘no’ to word of mouth: you would never guess why

It can be said that, to date, she is one of the most successful television presenters, yet throughout her immense career the famous presenter she never bothered to give any refusals. She made her debut at a very young age as a model and she easily made herself known in the world of TV so much that she took part in several successful TV programs. When she, however, she was faced with a choice, she did not flinch and refused. In fact, the beloved TV face told weekly F that she had auditioned to play the role of a word of mouth letter at the time of her debut, but that she was forced to say ‘no’ after passing them. Because? And who are we talking about?

Beloved TV presenter, Caterina Balivo is about to land on a new network and get everyone to agree. Her career, as we said a little while ago, is truly immense, but on several occasions her homegrown face has found herself refusing some job offer. It happened when she – after passing the pass-of-mouth auditions – she was asked to remove that mole that she has on her neck, making her refuse the job offer. “Decision never regretted. It is true that I never take time to answer “, Caterina Balivo explained to weekly F, revealing this incredible episode.

famous word of mouth presenter
Caterina Balivo Instagram. Credits: Instagram

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