The famous sports journalist is pregnant: sweet announcement on social media

The most followed and loved sports journalist of the moment is overjoyed: she is pregnant, the announcement is official! All the details out.

Happy and happy announcements are what we need right now. Where there are couples who break out, today we reveal the unedited details on one of pregnancies more unexpected, but which fills the heart with joy! The face in question is a note sports reporter, loved and followed by fans and audiences at home. The news is official, let’s find out who it is.

sports journalist is pregnant the news is official (Credits: @leo_boiboi)-

It has now become customary to use a channel like Instagram as an official source to communicate any important information concerning the darlings of the world of entertainment and television. Yes announces pregnancy of a sports reporter which he conquered Mediaset and not only. With snaps, a dedication and words of affection, he enjoys the moment, and shares it with freshness and joy. Fans are speechless, especially since it’s a record-breaking double!

The sports journalist is expecting a baby, what a joy

In fact, it would not be the first pregnancy, from which the strong and firm relationship with the husband can be deduced. It is a couple that is part of two worlds that are similar and different at the same time. She is a sports reporter, and he is great sample! Above all, messages of affection from colleagues cannot fail to arrive. Social media can consolidate that “virtual bond” that connects people who may be far away or haven’t seen each other for a long time, even rekindle relationships.

So, from official profile of the journalist you discover the happy event, anticipating any news leaks from the media. This time, it is the directly concerned who communicate the news with great pride. Filippo Magnini and Giorgia Palmas they are among the friends and colleagues of the duo in question to send their best wishes first, demonstrating their closeness and happiness. Not only joy, but also unpublished details about their marriage and firstborn, that’s who becomes a parent for the second time.

sports journalist and husband announce second pregnancy
Eleonora Boi is the pregnant sports journalist the news is official on IG (Credits: @leo_boiboi)-

We are talking about Eleonora Boi and Daniele Gallinari! Sports journalist of the Mediaset network accompanies viewers with his reports for the independent network, and is among the most popular. She is 36 years old of Sardinian origins, she is from Cagliari, she becomes known thanks to her participation in the most famous beauty contest in the country, Miss Italy, and from there he worked hard to achieve the results of the moment. Since July 24, 2022 she has been married to Daniele Gallinari NBA basketball player! He currently plays for the Boston Celtics and boasts an enviable career as he has also competed for other teams such as the New York Knicks, Denver Nuggets and the Los Angeles Clippers!

During the wedding held last July at Villa d’Orri, in addition to their famous colleagues, they cut a unique cake because it is very high, and defined by the correspondents as a dessert worthy of the NBA! Since December 8, 2020 they had already become a trio with the birth of the little one Anastasia, now the other baby will follow! The gender has not been revealed, but here are the couple’s first words: “Felices los 4. We can’t wait to meet you”