The famous television cook has come out: he was married and has a daughter

The famous television cook has come out: he was married and has a daughter, but has declared that he loves another man

The news left everyone speechless. In fact, no one would ever have expected it. His life was going well with his wife and daughter, but at one point he admitted that he loved another man. He confessed it to both his wife and little girl.

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The famous Italian television chef comes out: no one would have expected it (Source: Pixabay)

Famous television cook comes out: his words

It’s a famous cook and for some time now also a television personality. His married life was going well: for some time, in fact, he had been married and also had a daughter. At some point, however, she decided to reveal her true nature, admitting that she loves another man.

The famous Italian television chef, therefore, first decided to reveal it to wife, who, although suffering, accepted his reasons; then he also talked about it with the daughter small. Do you want to know who the man we are talking about is? If so, keep reading the article and you will find out.

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Marco Bianchi he literally stunned the entertainment world with a surprise confession. The famous cook and TV personality, starring in the “Green Line Summer” program paired with Angela Rafanelli and with a cooking column in the “Good morning wellness” program, confessed to being gay.

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Marco Bianchi and his new partner (Source: Instagram)

Bianchi was married and also had a daughter, but his nature was different. After a moment of hesitation, in which he elaborated the news, he decided to confess it first to his wife, who pitied him, and then to his daughter. Today the little girl has a beautiful relationship with her new partner and Marco can finally feel free to live his life at 360 ° without lying.