The Fantastic 4, Mads Mikkelsen could be Doctor Doom in the MCU

A rumor is spreading around the internet: the reboot of The fantastic Four in the MCU he is considering three actors for the role of Doctor Doom. The names of Ralph Fiennes, Jason Clarke and Mads Mikkelsen are circulating as possible interpreters to play the role of the character of Doctor Doom in the reboot of Fantastic Four. The most probable of these names seems to be that of Mads Mikkelsen, already present in Doctor Strange.

He should be the first choice, according to what John Campea reported.

According to several sources, Fantastic Four they will be part of the MCU in a standalone project in 2025. Rumors speak of possible inclusions of Galactus and Silver Surfer.

Kevin Feige, head of Marvel Studios, had the Fantastic Four in mind from the beginning. After the acquisition by Disney, you worked hard on this project. Feige shaped the MCU franchise around the Avengers, primarily due to the film rights to Marvel’s First Family and the X-Men, which were not available at the time of Marvel Studios’ creation.

With Disney’s acquisition – bringing the characters back into the Marvel Universe – Feige and his collaborators worked on how to best integrate the Fantastic Four into the MCU, ultimately deciding on a standalone project in 2025 that, according to rumors, will include the iconic villain Galactus and his famous herald Silver Surfer together with the team, as the American media are reporting in these hours, first of all the magazine specializing in video games and comics Game Rant.

The legendary Doctor Doom (Doctor Doom in the Italian version)

Doctor Doom was the main antagonist of the recent storyline of Secret Wars. Despite the strikes, Marvel Studios plans to release the reboot on May 2, 2025.

According to John Rocha on the YouTube channel The Hot Micboth Ralph Fiennes, star of Harry Potterwhich Jason Clarke, recently seen in Oppenheimer by Christopher Nolan, are currently being considered by Marvel Studios for the role of Victor Von Doom, the man behind the mask of the Fantastic Four’s sworn enemy, Doctor Doom.

Recall that Fiennes played very convincingly as the evil Lord Voldemort, while Clarke is also very experienced in several intense roles.
In addition to these two names, John Campea reported on his YouTube channel that Mads Mikkelsen, already present in Doctor Strange from 2016, he’s not only shortlisted for the role of Doom, but has already been offered the role of the menacing masked man.

Mikkelsen is perhaps the first choice for the role

According to what Rocha claims, Mikkelsen could be the first choice for Doom, as Javier Bardem would be for Galactus, while the other two names could be alternatives for the casting team.

Recall that the character of Doom is the main antagonist of the most recent plot of Secret Warswhich Marvel Studios could freely adapt into Avengers: Secret Wars of 2027, a film destined to be the final act of the Multiverse Saga. “Although the most recent reports suggest that the plan is to use Doom differently, it is still an important role in which each of the three actors mentioned would excel,” we read on Screen Rant.

While there have been setbacks, such as strikes that halted all work for most of the year, the reboot of Fantastic Four in the MCU is currently scheduled for theatrical release on May 2, 2025.