The Ferragnez, the 14th Sanremo special. Chiara Ferragni to Fedez: “You knew how much I cared”

The episode on the festival lands on Prime on the day Fedez debuts on Sky with the new ‘X Factor’

“You knew how much I cared, I asked you to be there as a spectator for once and not as a performer.” Chiara Ferragni thus addresses Fedez in the trailer of ‘The Ferragnez: Sanremo Special‘, the special episode of the series that follows the most social family in Italy and that arrives on Prime on September 14th, to reveal the background of what happened between the two spouses at the Sanremo Festival. The special episode follows the digital entrepreneur and fashion icon Chiara Ferragni in her adventure as co-host at the 73rd Sanremo Festival, between public speaking lessons, high fashion fittings and fear of live TV.

“In recent months I have felt very fragile,” Ferragni says again in the trailer. “I know everyone expects a misstep,” she adds. “The only one who can cause disasters in this Sanremo is me”, replies Fedez, with a phrase that sounds premonitory with respect to what will happen, while in fact the images of Rosa Chemical who drags him onto the stage of the festival final after having mimed a sexual act by sitting on him. “I wasn’t completely lucid,” Fedez is heard saying. And again: “I’m not really a facilitator of tranquility.”

“I don’t think he fully understood how upset I was,” comments Ferragni. “This is the episode in which I always cry, it will be a bit like the Sanremo episode and various plans”, is the conclusion of the trailer. The rest, fans and curious will find it from September 14th on Prime. Ironically, on the same day Fedez will be on Sky with the first episode of the ‘X Factor’ auditions, where he returns to be a judge with Ambra, Dargen D’Amico and Morgan.