The Festival of Digital Relations is underway

The Festival of Digital Relationships kicks off tomorrow, scheduled on YouTube on 21 and 22 October, which brings to the fore the challenges faced by those seeking a romantic relationship nowadays: the uncertainty about the authenticity of their interlocutors , the ease with which one can detach oneself from a nascent connection and an ever-evolving landscape of interaction.

The 2023 edition

Now in its third edition, the Festival, supported by Meetic, this year has as its motto “Let’s love each other to stay human”, a play on words that blends love, artificial intelligence and humanity. The conception and artistic direction are by Marvi Santamaria, Digital Strategist and founder of “Match and the City”, the first Italian community in the world of dating apps, whose primary objective is to educate on the nature of online relationships, challenge and eradicate existing taboos and stereotypes and, above all, building bonds in a space where, too often, division prevails.

The program

Between workshops and interventions, the program will focus on online communication, dating trends, mental health, dating apps, Artificial Intelligence and online content. Among the guests are the analyst and trainer Fiorenzo Pilla, the psychologist and psychotherapist Rossella Dolce, the Podcast Producer Rossella Pivanti and the psychotherapist and psychiatrist Luca Proietti. Don’t miss the speech by Marzia Benvenuti, psychologist and cognitive-behavioural psychotherapist, expert in relationships and love coach, who will join Marvi for an interview in which, based on the data provided by Meetic, we will talk about the importance of reciprocity in relationships, the need for authenticity in today’s connections, the growing importance of mental health and the main “red flags” to monitor in the complex universe of online dating.

The comment of the love coach Marzia Benvenuti

“It is undeniable that we live in an era in which technology permeates every aspect of our daily lives, yet, at the center of every connection, there is always human communication,” comments Marzia Benvenuti. “The key to creating authentic and lasting bonds lies in the quality of that communication. It is essential to interact with technology in a way that enhances our individual and collective well-being, just as it is essential to approach our interactions, from those on social media to those on dating apps, with sincerity and authenticity – also and above all towards ourselves. The Festival of Digital Relations is a unique opportunity, in the Italian panorama, for comparison and exchange, which allows us to learn to navigate these digital spaces with awareness and responsibility, in order to make technology a tool capable of amplifying, rather than hinder, our innate ability to connect deeply with each other.”