The film nominated for 5 Oscars that you have to see before it is removed from Netflix in the next few hours

users of Netflix they’ll have to hurry if they want to see “Gladiator,” the Best Picture Oscar-winning film that’s about to be removed from the platform. This feature film directed by Ridley Scott and starring Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix is ​​an epic-historical classic that captivated thousands of people with its exciting, dramatic and action story.

the plot of “Gladiator” centers on Maximus, a famous Roman general who is betrayed by the emperor’s son, Commodus, and made a slave. After escaping death, he returns to Rome as a gladiator to avenge his family and face Commodus. The film received many awards, including five Oscars in the 73rd edition, among which “best film” stands out.

The removal of this film from the catalog of Netflix It has generated outrage among users, who consider that it is a production that deserves to remain on the platform. Although it has already been confirmed that the second part of the film will be released in November 2024, it will not have the same actors.

Therefore, those interested in seeing “Gladiator” must do so before Tuesday, May 16, the date on which the film will be removed from the catalog of Netflix. It is an opportunity to enjoy an epic and exciting story that marked a milestone in the history of cinema and that continues to be one of the most acclaimed films by the public and critics.

Definitely, “Gladiator” It is a movie that everyone should see, as it is a classic that combines emotion, drama, action and powerful audiovisual elements. The removal of this movie from the Netflix catalog is an opportunity for users to see it before it’s too late.