The Filmstudio and its history return to the center of Rome

Appointment at the Teatro Tordinona on 10 and 11 December with a wide selection of historical posters and the screening of ‘Filmstudio Mon Amour’ by Toni D’Angelo

Wim Wenders used to say that “the filmstudio it was one of those legendary places where you understood that the whole history of cinema was there or had passed through there”. The atmosphere that reigned in those years, the masterpieces that no one wanted to lose on those magical evenings trastevere film club can be relived on the weekend of 10 and 11 December at the Teatro Tordinona in the center of Rome.

A wide selection of historical posters and the projection of ‘Filmstudio Mon Amour’ by Toni D’Angelo, the story of a place where, as Dario Argento said, “at least two generations of filmmakers were trained”. In the cast Bertolucci, Bellocchio, Antonioni, the Taviani Brothers. An extraordinarily lively period for Rome animated by avant-garde artists and intellectuals who frequented the Roman factory created in 1967 by Americo Sbardella and Annabella Miscuglio.

There is the memory of Verdone (“my cinematographic culture was born there”), Moretti’s first steps, Andy Warhol’s visit. The halls of the first Italian filmclub were in fact a real visual laboratory where experimentation was at home between screenings never seen before and meetings with the great masters of cinema.

The weekend will continue on Sunday 11 with three silent films made between 1919 and 1930. Films that marked the birth of science fiction and Futurism in the cinema. Two days in full Filmstudio style as Director Stefano Pierpaoli declares “The mainstream and the race towards large numbers have deprived us of that intimately lived atmosphere which represents the most effective channel for fully enjoying the cultural experience. We are retying the threads through narratives and appointments that give us back a stimulating and passionate climate to make this city flourish again”. Appointment in the new home of the Filmstudio on 10 and 11 December. Teatro Tordinona, Via degli Acquasparta 16, a few steps from Piazza Navona.