The fire breaks out during the concert: serious episode, the outburst arrives

The singer intervenes on Facebook to respond to the controversy that broke out following the fire that broke out during his concert.

New day, new controversy. This time one of the most famous and appreciated singers in Italy was found in the center of the storm, who had to defend himself, through a post on social media, from the criticisms addressed to him for having performed recently in concert despite the fact that a severe fire.

Bad episode concert fire (Credits: Pixabay)

An accident that caused the destruction of 30 hectares of forest and that forced the Municipality to act to try to limit the damage as much as possible. Among the measures adopted, also the cancellation of the concert of Matia Bazar scheduled for last Sunday 21 August.

The well-known artist, however, wanted to clarify that not always from a photo you can have the right perception of reality. He did it through his he profile Facebook, where he explained why his show was not canceled. The serious episode occurred in Sant’Agata di Puglia, in the wooded area of ​​Monte Croce. “The photo betrays reality”, the singer began in his post in which, among other things, he also expressed his sorrow for the many trees burned by flames.

Controversy on the concert during the fire: the artist defends himself in this way

In support of the image that captures both the crowd at the concert and the fire that hit the woods, Red Canzian exposed his version of events. In fact, it is the former member of Pooh who ended up in the crosshairs due to the failure to cancel the concert. According to him, however, in the photo the flames would seem much less distant from the stage than they actually were.

“It was actually much farther from the stage than it seems, and the local organizers reassured us that everything was under control,” he explains, attributing the misunderstanding to a sort of optical illusion. The bass player from Veneto stressed that even the audience present was calm as a testimony to the fact that, contrary to what it may seem from the image, there was nothing to fear.

According to what the Courier, many of the spectators would have turned away from the stage to head towards the hill to see with their own eyes the disaster that was unfolding. In addition, firefighters, civil protection and forest guards would have intervened.

Canzian then hid his disappointment in seeing that someone, in his opinion, tried to use the bad episode to put him in a bad light. “I am very sorry for the trees that have been destroyed and I am also sorry that someone tries to exploit the news”, he wrote adding: “I believe my commitment and my respect for the environment should not be reiterated”.

concert fire
Fire social post artist (Credits: Facebook)

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