The first edition of the Film Impresa Award is underway

At the Casa del Cinema in Rome on 12 and 13 April, with special prizes to Giuseppe Tornatore, Paola Cortellesi and Riccardo Milani

Vision, talent, courage, tradition, innovation will be the protagonists of the films, shorts and medium-length films that will compete during the first edition of the Film Impresa Award on 12 and 13 April.

The program of the event was presented today in a launch press conference in the presence of the President of the Prize Giampaolo Letta, the President of Unindustria Angelo Camilli, the President of the Technical Culture Group of Confindustria Antonio Alunni and the Artistic Director Mario Sesti. The Film Impresa Award is an initiative conceived and implemented by Unindustria through the Culture, Tourism and Major Events Technical Group, with the support of Confindustria. Its goal is to enhance, enhance and communicate the values ​​of the company and its workers.

The Award will take place in the Capitoline setting of the Casa del Cinema in Villa Borghese. A jury of honour, chaired by the director Paolo Genovese, will assign a prize to the competing works in each of the following categories: Best Corporate Film Narrative Area – Human, Best Corporate Film Documentary Area – UniCredit, Best Innovative Film Image & Sound – Almaviva. The Artistic Direction with the staff of the Film Enterprise Award will assign the Special Prize to Creativity – Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane.

“The life of companies often remains confined within the physical and human perimeter of the people who work and live there. Yet, in recent seasons, the audiovisual has become a flexible and effective tool for sharing the spirit and values ​​of those who believe in work, as a collective project, in the company as an unconventional place of relationship, growth and collaboration, of the company as a set in which technology, virtuous social relations, creativity and common spirit can constitute the small theater within which to tell the adventures of the innovation, passion, individual and collective creativity. The Film Impresa Award will let us breathe all of this”, declares the president Giampaolo Letta.

The audiovisual sector is a strategic asset of our region. Over 32,000 people work in Lazio in this supply chain, 14% of all those employed in the sector in Italy. A precious supply chain for the fascination it generates in the imagination on the one hand, and for the innovation and great skills it expresses at an industrial level, on the other. The Film Impresa Award, conceived and coordinated by Unindustria, aims to bring out these two distinctive features that come together perfectly in the video productions made by the business world. This first edition is attended by companies that have chosen to invest in people and ideas, which also wanted to tell lesser-known parts of their business and which bear witness to the company’s deep connections with sustainability and social, economic and cultural progress”. declares the president of Unindustria Angelo Camilli.

In the two-days of 12 and 13 April the screenings of the works in competition will alternate with thematic meetings and talks on sustainability, creativity, human capital, training. And, above all, special prizes will be awarded to personalities who have been able to narrate, explore or interpret the world of work and business over the course of their activity and career. The Oscar-winning director Giuseppe Tornatore will receive the Special Award presented by the Vice President Alberto Marenghi of Confindustria, while the actress Paola Cortellesi and the director Riccardo Milani will receive another Special Award presented by the President of Unindustria Angelo Camilli. Instead, the director Yuri Ancarani will receive the Olmi Award, promoted by Edison and the Eos Foundation – Edison Orizzonte Sociale, for the expressive research of new aesthetic forms and storytelling methods in corporate films.

“In the 80s, the commercial was considered the formula one of the audiovisual: it experimented with technical and stylistic solutions that cinema then adopted in working on the set, just as mass production did with cars. Today films, businesses, tell them from within: the people, the projects, the territory. This Award intends to make known both excellence (that of the great filmmakers called to do so) is the emerging talent that discovers new ways to tell the world of business and the way businesses inhabit the world,” says the Artistic Director of the Mario Sesti Prize.

Alongside the President of the jury Paolo Genovese, there will be industry experts, managers and entrepreneurs: specifically, in addition to the President of Unindustria and the President of the Confindustria Culture Technical Group, the jury will include the director and editor Esmeralda Calabria, director Wilma Labate, the director Luca Lucini, the economist, cultural manager and environmentalist Giovanna Melandri and the actress Luisa Ranieri.

The Film Enterprise Award is sponsored by the Lazio Region, Rome Capital, the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, in collaboration with Confindustria, Anica, Ice, Una, the National Cinema Enterprise Archive and the Cinema Foundation for Rome. The sponsors of the initiative are Almaviva, Edison, Fondazione Eos – Edison Orizzonte Sociale, Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, Umana, UniCredit. Technical sponsors are Spencer & Lewis, D-Hub Studios, Adnkronos, Ega, Anybit, Tecnoconference Europe.