The first edition of the Italian Cup for Clubs at the Ctf in Rome: draws have been made

A first edition and the characteristic expectation of the novelties. The Italian Cup for Clubs will be held at the Federal Technical Center in Rome from Friday 3 to Sunday 5 December 2021, this year included by the Italian Bocce Federation in the category of federal events. The formula recalls, in some way, the same football event. Twelve clubs from the top three team championships will compete against each other.

At the starting line, in fact, there will be the first four teams of Serie A (the Italian champions of Caccialanza Milano, Boville Marino, Possaccio and OIKOS Fossombrone), the four winners of their respective A2 groups (Galligel Sestu, Civitanovese , Castelfidardo and Santa Chiara Le Delizie) and four teams of the First Category Society Championship (Serra de ‘Conti, San Vincenzo, Coppola Bocce, Monforte Campobasso). At the start there are four formations from the Marche region, two bells and one for Lombardy, Piedmont, Sardinia, Tuscany, Lazio and Molise. The formula of the matches is that of the club championship.

The program foresees the crossing between the four teams of the A2 series and the four of the First Category, which will compete, starting at 4.15 pm on Friday 2 December 2021. The draw for the matches was carried out in the offices of the Italian Bocce Federation and broadcast live on the Fib Facebook page.

Santa Chiara Le Delizie (Na) will challenge San Vincenzo (Li) (winner against Oikos Fossombrone); Civitanovese (Mc) will meet Serra de ‘Conti (An) (winning against Possaccio); Galligel Sestu (Ca) against Monforte Campobasso (Cb) (winning with the Italian champions of Mp Filtri Caccialanza Milano); Cofer Metal Marche (An) against Coppola Bocce (Ce) (winning against Boville Marino). The four winning teams of their respective matches will challenge on Saturday 4 December, starting at 9.45 am, the Serie A clubs for the dispute of the Quarter Finals. The semifinals will begin at 5.15 pm.

The final will take place on Sunday 5 December, starting at 9.30, and will be broadcast live on the Facebook page of the Italian Bocce Federation and on the federal Youtube channel. “This is a new event, with respect to which there is the expectation of the first time – commented Federal President Marco Giunio De Sanctis – Along the lines of football, twelve teams from the first three championships will meet in the same event for order of importance. There are many reasons for the challenge, among all, between the most famous companies and the less established ones “. “If on the one hand the Serie A teams, for obvious reasons, will have the underdogs on their side – concluded De Sanctis – I believe that surprises are hiding around the corner. We are convinced of a formula that will give a show, entertaining the athletes themselves and the following public “