The first microfactory for electric custom-built motors branded Motors Grouping was born in Genoa

The location where it will be built has been identified in Valpolcevera for an estimated investment of 6 million euros

The first car microfactory electric custom cars in Genoa: this is the ambitious project officially presented this morning at the Talent Garden of the Baltimora Gardens by Motor Grouping, in the presence of the city councilor for economic development Mario Mascia. It is an absolute revolution in the very way of conceiving the production of cars and the entire automotive supply chain. It could only start from Genoa, due to its history and conformation, a laboratory city of sustainable mobility and a new approach to face the global challenges of the ecological and industrial transition.

The location in which the microfactory will be built has been identified in Valpolcevera, for an estimated investment of 6 million euros, the employment, at full capacity, of about twenty employees and the construction of a campus dedicated to innovative motoring and mobility intelligent. Motors Grouping is an automotive start-up specialized in the development of a new production paradigm based on “mass costumization”, on the enhancement of the Italian automotive supply chain and on innovation through new concepts in car design, manufacturing and automotive services.

The Motors Grouping microfactory is structured around three main souls: a flexible production plant where the craftsmen meet the latest technologies in terms of robotics, artificial intelligence and 3D printing. The goal is the creation of electric retrofits of classic collector’s vehicles with the Scossa brand. The first car will be the 155eDtm Evoluzione, the first project carried out in 2022 by Motors Grouping, with the involvement, through an international competition, of over 80 car teams designers from ten different nationalities. A Car Design and Automotive Engineering center specializing in custom-built and racing cars in which the final phase of a first technological project called FORMA SPORT will be developed, a full electric modular platform that can be used for racing cars intended for both track and off-road use . Launched at the end of 2022, this project was born from a second international competition which saw the participation of 37 teams, including engineers and car designers, of seven nationalities. A multipurpose area equipped with an electric vehicle education center and mobility services, a car-themed co-working area and library, a space dedicated to food and clothing and an area designed for storage and assistance of cars of interest to collectors, with a workshop specialized in the preparation of racing cars. A real campus designed to attract motor enthusiasts that will offer the possibility to motorcycle and car clubs to organize rallies and events during the weekends.

“This first microfactory is launched to respond to the great European challenge of the energy transition, which brings with it major problems but also a series of new opportunities” explained Jonny Lo Piscopo, CEO and founder of Motors Grouping. «Many observers see in this phase a real risk of deindustrialization at European level. Our answer is to rethink the way in which cars are manufactured today, shifting more and more productivity from the gigantism of large traditional factories to microfactories based on new technologies and with a strong innovative drive, above all in the electric sector, whose complexity goes well with the manufacturing characteristics of a country like Italy and, in particular, of a city like Genoa».

Mario Mascia, councilor for economic development of the Municipality of Genoa, also spoke during the press conference, who, in addition to bringing an institutional greeting, outlined the picture of an economic and productive scenario in constant renewal, thanks also to innovative start-ups such as Motor Grouping.

«Genoa is increasingly becoming a national and international point of reference, as regards start-ups that look to the future with sustainable innovations and with concrete and usable repercussions by the entire local community» declares the municipal councilor for development economic and at work Mario Mascia. «The Motors Grouping microfactory for custom-built electric cars is an ambitious project that will be able to produce important results from both a technological and employment point of view in our area, especially in an area like Valpolcevera that the municipal administration led by Mayor Bucci considers a pivot of economic and social development”.