The first photos of Dream Scenario, the new film by Nicolas Cage

On the set of Dream Scenery, Nicolas Cage looks decidedly unrecognizable. The images released on the A24 Instagram page show the 59-year-old actor with a big make-up, bald and wearing sloppy and resigned clothes. In the photos of him, he has a silver beard and thin glasses, a baggy parka with a fur hood and a burnt sienna sweater. Hard to see his tough guy look under those stage clothes.

Photo includes an SUV with “LOSER” stamped on the passenger side.

No images to date show Julianne Nicholson and Michael Cera, also in the cast of the film.

What do we know about Dream Scenery

Dream Sceneryaccording to advances, should be previewed at Toronto International Film Festival next September. The release date has not yet been revealed.

According to the synopsis of the comedy, Nicolas Cage (PHOTOS) will play the role of a monotonous professorwho suddenly becomes the star of the campus after appearing in everyone’s dreams.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dream Scenery is a film about the consequence of virality but also on cancel culture. “This surrealist satirical comedy offers several observations on social media culture and how virality impacts the way we interact with others in our daily lives,” explained Robyn Citizen, head of programming at TIFF. In addition to Cage, Cera and Nicholson, the cast also includes Noah Centineo (star of To all the times I’ve written I love you) and Tim Meadows (mean girls).

Nicolas Cage’s next projects

The last few years have been full of commitments (and films) for Nicolas Cage. And the same will be for the next ones. The actor starred in Renfield And The Old Way and, on July 28, his was also released in the United States Sympathy for the Devil. He even made a small cameo as Superman in the flop movie The Flash. He will soon star in and co-produce Osgood Perkins’ psychological thriller LonglegsAnd will go back to the cinema in thrillers Arcadianand in films Lord of War, The Retirement Plan And The Surfer.

In The Retirement Plan will play Matt, Ashley’s (Ashley Green) absentee father who lives a homeless life on a beach in the Cayman Islands. His life is turned upside down when Ashley and her daughter Sarah (Thalia Campbell) get involved in a criminal enterprise, and ask for his help to escape from the underworld bosses. Filming the sequel to Lord of the War instead they will start at the end of the year. In The Surfer he will ultimately play the role of a man who returns to his hometown in Australia, after rebuilding his life in the US. Here he is humiliated in front of his teenage son by a local gang of surfers, who claim close ownership of the beach where he spent his childhood. Wounded, he decides to stay and declare war on them, but this will have an impact on his mental health.