The first tool that allows you to find out if TikTok is penalizing you is online

It’s called Shadowban Tool the first tool in the world able to analyze profiles on TikTok and to understand if the block of visibility from the Social Network, the so-called shadowban, has been imposed.

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Shadowban Tool is an algorithm that uses powerful Machine Learning techniques to analyze TikTok profiles and provide detailed diagnostics that allow you to evaluate:

  • whether TikTok is penalizing content in terms of visibility
  • which videos are shadowbanned
  • because it is making the contents invisible.

The TikTok shadowban is a penalty condition that can last from 7 to 90 days, at the discretion of the Chinese Social Network, which uses this tool to block the visibility of content that does not comply with its community policies and/or are contrary to its purpose.

Ninety days is an estimated figure based on the experience of many TikTok users.

TikTok’s goal is to keep us as much time as possible within its platform and to do this it needs to convey content capable of stimulating our endorphins, the chemicals produced by the brain that make us feel in a state of well-being at which we cannot give up.

As explained by the documentary Discovering the TikTok phenomenon by Sky Documentaries and as told by CNN, this is the reason why TikTok decides to penalize specific contents, such as those of a political nature, videos containing minors or disabled people, those in which we use a bad language or words like black.

The main problem is that many of the reasons why TikTok’s algorithm decides to block certain videos are not known. In addition, a tiktoker who suffers the penalty will never know, as the Social Network does not send any notification.

But now there is a solution to understand if the posted videos are shadowbanned and for what reason. This is the Shadowban Tool, the algorithm developed by a team of Italian developers and already used by more than 2 thousand well-known tiktokers.

Thanks to the Shadowban Tool, it is possible to find out if TikTok has imposed its veto on published content and also for what reasons. In this way it is possible to know which videos subject to penalty must be eliminated, so as to speed up the times for exiting this condition which makes the profile invisible on the platform.

In addition, thanks to the precise and punctual diagnostics that the tool offers, it is possible to understand which are the good practices to be respected in order to enjoy visibility and popularity on TikTok and what, on the other hand, must be avoided.

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