The five best titles of the Ftse Mib, Eni stands out

Saipem and Moncler stand out among the five worst stocks

Eni stands out at Business Square and drives the rise of five best titles of the Ftse Mib. The six-legged dog group rises 2.28% to 13.92 euros, while the price of oil rises by more than one percentage point, with the WTI trading at $ 111.2 a barrel.
On the Stock Exchange Unipol
it rises by 2.03% to 4.93 euros and in third place among the five best stocks in the main basket is another oil: Tenariswhich earns 1.82% to 15.41 euros. Bper salt by 1.57% e Terna 1.15%.

Meanwhile, the Ftse Eb is trading weak, with a rise of 0.16% to 23,930 points. London rose by 0.28% and Frankfurt by 0.03%, while Paris lost 0.04%. Concern for a new one is growing on the markets recession economic, while we await information from the details of the minutes of the last meeting of the Federal Reserve. A recession, however, will ease the restrictive policies of the ECBwith a less aggressive rise in interest rates could proceed.

Always on the FTSE they stand out among the five worst titles Saipem (-3.49%), despite the increase in the price of crude oil, Moncler (-3.06%). Banca Generali (-1.93%), Recordati (-1.66%) and Exor (-1.53%). Amplifon, Stellantis, Iveco, Tim and Stm also recorded declines over one percentage point.