The five worst titles of the Ftse Mib, Saipem slips

Saipem leads the ranking of five worst stocks of the Ftse Eb. On a heavy day for European stock exchanges due to fears of new monetary tightening by the central banks and for the new hike in the price of gas, the stock of the engineering group for infrastructure and energy drops 5.46% to 0.71 euros, slipping on the drop in the price of oil. Sales, however, affect all sectors of the main list of Piazza Affari. Stellantis yields 4.80%, Tim 4.48% e Bper 4.45%. Moncler closes the ranking of the five worst titles of the Ftse Mib, with a decrease of 4.21%.

The titles of the banking sector they are particularly penalized in the first session of the week. Unicredit leaves 4.20% on the ground, Banco Bpm 3.55% and Intesa Sanpaolo 3.37%. Among the industrialists, Pirelli (3.65%) and Iveco (-3.63%) also suffer. On the positive side, the groups linked to diagnostics and pharmaceuticals stand out: Diasorin it rises by 1.88% and Recordati by 1.50%. Utilities were positive, with Italgas (+ 0.98%), Snam (+ 0.96%) and Terna (+ 0.82%).

Overall the Ftse Eb yields 2.06% to 22,070 points, while it spread Btp-Bund is traveling at 230 points. London lost 0.40%, Frankfurt 2.55% and Paris 2.07%. The exchange euro / dollar this morning it fell below par, while among commodities the price of Petroleum it slipped by more than three percentage points, with the WTI at 87 dollars a barrel.