The five worst titles of the Ftse Mib, Saipem slips

Saipem leads the ranking of the five worst titles of the Ftse Mib. On a heavy day for Piazza Affari and the other European sister companies, the stock of the group of energy plants and infrastructures, grappling with a 2 billion euro capital increase, lost 20.9%. Black day for banks, after the words of the president of the supervisory board of the ECB, Andrea Enria, who said that the possible introduction of new sanctions on Russia and possible retaliation by Moscow could have an impact on the banking sector. In this context, the ECB could propose to banks a recalculation of dividends in the event of adverse scenarios. The rest of the ranking of the five worst titles in the FTSE is occupied by credit institutions. Unicredit sells 6.41%, B for 5.06%, Intesa Sanpaolo 4.73% and Banco Bpm 4.18%.

The main index of Piazza Affari lost 2.59% to 21,268 points. London lost 2.14%, Frankfurt 2.42% and Paris 2.50%. Among commodities, the price of oil loses about half a percentage point, with WTI at $ 109 a barrel and Brent at $ 111.7.

But sales hit all sectors of the Ftse Mib. Tim leaves 4.13% on the ground, Iveco 4%, Prysmian 3.85% and Stm 3.34%. The few stocks in positive territory include the utilities with Terna, Italgas and Snam.