The Food Collection reaches its 25th edition, 14 million meals donated

The solidarity initiative of the Banco Alimentare Foundation continues until 10 December with online shopping and Charity card

The Food Collection, in its 25th year, is back in attendance: 140 thousand volunteers, in compliance with the rules, returned to almost 11 thousand supermarkets to live and propose a simple but concrete gesture of solidarity. “A gesture capable of uniting in a moment when everything seems to want to divide us: from the resumption of the virus, to the growing contagions, to economic insecurity. The day of the Collection shows us that it is the facts, the gestures that first of all educate us, our children, everyone, and can bring about authentic solidarity and social cohesion “, he recalls Giovanni Bruno, president of the Food Bank Foundation Onlus. This year with the Colletta about 7,000 tons of food were collected, the equivalent of 14 million meals despite the particular moment and the inconvenience due to bad weather in many places.

The amount collected, together with what is recovered from the Food Bank in its ordinary activity throughout the year, it will be distributed in the coming weeks to around 7,600 charitable structures that serve over 1.7 million people. The collection continues online until 10 December on and on the website, until 5 December on and on From Sunday 28 November to Sunday 5 December 2021, the Food Collection also continues through the Epipoli Charity Cards, of 2, 5 or 10 euros, available in the supermarkets participating in the initiative or online at The donations will then be converted into alimony.