The forceful claim of the daughter of José Luis ‘el Puma’ Rodríguez that outraged everyone

Lilibeth Morillo is the middle daughter of the renowned Venezuelan singer Jose Luis ‘El Puma’ Rodriguez and like his sister Liliana, he has not had a dialogue with the artist for a long time and they remain estranged due to various family issues that date back several years.

Lilibeth Morillo She is an actress and singer and uses social networks to promote her work and maintain contact with her almost 500,000 followers from all corners of the world. For them, she also shares postcards of her moments with her family and her trips around the world.

But now Lilibeth Morillo He used the social network of the little camera to make a strong complaint and ignited the controversy. “I dropped more than 5 thousand followers….what happened??” wrote the daughter of Puma Rodriguez next to a black and white plaque in which he denounced “Instagram has just eliminated more than 5 thousand followers in my account and my followers write to me that their accounts have been suspended.”

Lilibeth Morillo’s complaint. Source: instagram @soylilibethmorillo

Given this claim of Lilibeth Morillo, his followers commented on the publication very angry with the change in policy of the little camera’s social network. “For some, they are allowed to publish all kinds of images and comments, for others, Instagram has become a school for nuns,” said one of the Internet users to the daughter of the Puma Rodriguez.

Lilibeth Morillo. Source: Terra archive

“They are suspending accounts without meaning, Logically the accounts that they suspend stop following people, then the followers drop” ; “Friends, the same thing happened to me, I appealed and my account was restored, but it took almost two hours” and “If from now on you have to pay the followers, what do you think you are doing a lot of talking about uploading content” were some of the reactions before the claim of Lilibeth Morillo.