The forceful message of Arturo Vidal to those who criticize Daniela, the daughter of Sonia Isaza

Arturo vidal Of course, he did the same as the vast majority of celebrities on Instagram for these dates. Although some tend to share their family celebration, gifts and menu in detail, the Flamingo footballer decided to post an edited photo of himself with a Santa Claus hat or as the Old Man Easter is known.

Arturo Vidal at Christmas. Source: Instagram @kingarturo23oficial

In that post, he took the opportunity to greet all his followers: “Merry Christmas to everyone and a thousand blessings” was the description of the photo that Vidal uploaded. However, a post that seemed the most usual and innocent, was involved in a controversy due to the comments that the “King” received.

First of all Arturo vidal received a comment that attacked his stepdaughter. And it is that Daniela, the daughter of sonia isaza, he commented: “Merry Christmas to my partner. May my God always bless you and multiply all the good things you are,” the young woman wrote. But there was no shortage of users who very reluctantly criticized Daniela for allegedly taking advantage of Vidal’s money.

Vidal’s commentary series. Source: Instagram @kingarturo23oficial

However, one of the users quickly came out to defend his idol: “Ma’am, whom Vidal Give him his money, it’s up to him. What is the pleasure of getting into someone else’s pocket? Live and let live,” said the young follower of the King. That’s when it all began.

Apparently Arturo vidal very quickly looked at the comments and did not understand what was happening. So it was that she responded to whom she was defending with a not very lucky phrase. The footballer commented: “”Amarico… follow your path”, and two emojis of the raised middle finger. Quickly the rest of the people who were following the exchange between the users, let Vidal know that he had the wrong person and that the follower was only trying to defend him, so it was that Arthur ended up deleting the comment.