The forceful message of China Suárez to support Shakira

China Suarez He is currently in a relationship with the Argentine trap singer Thomás Nicolás Tobar, artistically known as “Rusherking”. But before this relationship, she was in a relationship with Nicolás Cabré and Benjamín Vicuña, with whom she has one and two children, respectively.

Both her two separations, as well as the media scandal with Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara, have been in the media, so the former “Casi Angeles” has felt identified with Shakira. The Colombian artist separated from Gerard Piqué a few months ago and, to this day, the paparazzi follow her every step.

Some days ago the China shared the cover of a famous magazine where Piqué is mentioned as “in love” and Shakira with the title “at her worst, she takes refuge in her children.” The photo had been published by Sudestada magazine, which had talked about how “the media represents women.”

China Suárez commented on the publication. Source: Instagram @sudestadarevista

“What meaning do these magazines build in the collective imagination?” It was one of the questions in the post. “It seems that the professional career of women, their journey or their talent matters little, since the focus ends on their love and personal relationships. They prefer to put her in the common place, crying, grieving or with her children, instead of representing women in another way: singing, being successful, playing sports, giving a speech” could be read in the text with which the China felt identified.

China Suárez shared the post. Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

“Women in action, independent, are worth little for these magazines of yesteryear that continue to be consumed by thousands. The woman who suffers for love is useful for her model, but we disarm what they wanted to teach us and each time we find diversity in representation in the media, cinema, art and television “concluded the message, which the China He did not hesitate to clap with many emojis.