The forceful proof that Rusherking was with María Becerra, who could hurt China Suárez

The world of music and entertainment is always full of surprises and rumors, and on this occasion, a piece of news has revolutionized social networks. This is conclusive proof that rusherking He was with María Becerra, which could hurt China Suárez, who is his then partner.

The story of Maria Becerra and Rusherking has been closely followed by the public since their split a little over a year ago. Versions of infidelities and fights have been heard, which has generated great interest in her personal life as well as her musical career.

During the recent Gardel Awards gala, both artists coincided on the red carpet. Although they were inches apart, there was no interaction between them. María wore an elegant aqua green outfit, while rusherking He posed for the cameras and avoided making statements to the media.

Rusherking and María Becerra met again | Source: Twitter @showmundialshow

However, in the last few hours a new stir has arisen in the national music scene. There was talk of a supposed fight between several referents of the genre, but it turns out that it was all part of the prelude to a surprise prepared by Los del espacio, the group where they participate Maria Becerra and Rusherking.

A new collaboration between Duki and María Becerra has been confirmed, which has already generated great expectations among fans. But it did not stop there, since Tiago PZK and FMK also announced their collaboration on another topic, and even rusherking He stated that they will be releasing a new single.