The forceful response of José Luis ‘el Puma’ Rodríguez when asked if Puma Junior is his son

The Venezuelan singer Jose Luis ‘El Puma’ Rodriguez The 79-year-old is one of the great references in Latin music and this year he was once again part of the public sphere after a long seclusion due to the coronavirus pandemic and the recovery he had to go through once he was transplanted of the lungs.

These days, the Puma Rodriguez shines as a jury in the last weeks of the reality show ‘Sing with me now’ in Argentina. In this context, the singer was invited to the iconic program “Mirtha Legrand’s night” and there he provided some details of his life, such as how he faced this new stage of his life after the double lung transplant.

The truth is that the life of Puma Rodriguez She has been involved in several family scandals. When he separated from his first wife, Venezuelan singer and actress Lila Morillo, problems began with his eldest daughters Liliana and Lilibeth because he formed a new family with Carolina Pérez.

When Mirtha Legrand asked the Puma Rodriguez As is his relationship with his daughters, he only referred to Genesis, his youngest heiress with his current wife and said: “I get on excellent with my eldest daughter”, and before the whore he immediately corrected himself and commented: “With Liliana and Lilibeth there is no good relationship.

The Cougar Junior. Source: Terra archive

As if that weren’t enough, he Puma Rodriguez He also has an unrecognized son named Jose Luis Rodríguez who calls himself on social media ‘The Cougar Junior’ but the singer denied it again. “There is a boy out there who claims to be my son, but he did not hold a DNA so he is not either. I know who I was with, I have a good memory”, the artist sentenced.