The former Vippona gets married but ends up in controversy over the wedding gift: she clarifies

The ex-beloved Vippona is ready to get married, but ends up in controversy over the gift she would have asked for: she clarifies everything.

The marriage proposal arrived during his journey in the house of the GF Vip, but only now the former Vippona is ready to get married. Several years after the beginning of her love affair with her current boyfriend, the beloved showgirl is about to take the big step and cannot help but share her happiness with all her audience.

Announce the wedding, but … Credits: Instagram

Although the great emotion for the approach of his wedding, scheduled for December 3, the former Vippona has seen a series of controversies. The reason? The wedding gift that she – according to The Pipol Gossip – she would have asked all her guests about her. Is it really what it was said about her? Let’s find out what exactly happened and, above all, how the beloved showgirl responded to this sensational indiscretion.

The former Vippo announces the wedding, but the controversy breaks out: she clarifies

If the last edition of GF Vip will be etched in everyone’s mind due to the ‘love triangle’ between Alex Belli, Delia Duran and Soleil Sorge, it will also be for the romantic marriage proposal that the ex Vippona received in the middle of a live broadcast of the reality show. Girlfriend for some time, the showgirl has never hidden that she is strongly in love with her partner and can’t wait to marry him. No sooner said than done: the proposal has arrived and on 3 December the two will say ‘yes’ forever in Rome in front of all the guests.

Despite having chosen to share this wonderful news with all his followers, the former Vippona was immediately overwhelmed by controversy. According to what we read from Tv Pipol Gossip, it would seem that Francesca Cipriani and her Alessandro of her have asked their guests to make a transfer to their current account. In short, a decidedly alternative wedding gift, don’t you think? Apparently, however, it would seem that this revealed indiscretion is just a mistake. To clarify what has been said about her, it was the person directly concerned. Through an IG stories uploaded to her official social channel, Cipriani literally expressed herself on what had emerged, sensationally denying the news.

ex vippona wedding
IG Story Cipriani. Credits: Instagram

Apparently, therefore, Francesca and Alessandra did not ask for ‘special’ gifts from their guests, but they opened a very simple wedding list.

Why December?

If a former tronista of men and women chose to get married in August and a former Mediaset couple, instead, in September, why did Francesca Cipriani choose to get married in December? According to what is learned, it would seem that the former Vippo has chosen this month because of the cold temperatures and because, being the month of the Lord, it acquires even more value for her.