The girl from Oslo, everything you need to know about the Netflix TV series

Tension, mystery and diplomatic intrigues, these are some of the ingredients of “The Girl from Oslo”, a new crime series co-produced by Netflix, in the streaming platform catalog from 19 December. The title with Anneke von der Lippe, former face of “Atlantic Crossing” and “An Affair”, is also visible on Sky Q and via the app on Now Smart Stick.

The girl from Oslo: the plot

An exchange of hostages and a girl to be saved, a state affair that leads to a very personal story. “The girl from Oslo” starts from the kidnapping of Pia, actress Andrea Berntzen, daughter of the Norwegian diplomat Alex, actress Anneke von der Lippe: the latter will get involved in the front line to save the girl. Pia, who left without informing her family, is kidnapped by terrorists from the IS group who promise the release of the girl, kidnapped together with other hostages, in exchange for twelve Israeli prisoners, belonging to the Norwegian government. Alex then sets out on a journey to the Middle East where he will leverage some personal knowledge to deal with his daughter’s liberation but at that point some events from his past will emerge.

An Israeli-Norwegian co-production

Consisting of ten episodes of about thirty minutes each, “The girl from Oslo”, the Italian title of “What Happened in Oslo”, is a production made by Netflix and the Israeli broadcast HOT. Filmed both in Norway and in the Middle East, in the cities of Oslo, Eidsvoll, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Eilat, on the Dead Sea, it offers, in addition to the interesting plot points, the possibility for viewers to make an exciting journey through unusual landscapes for the big and for the small screen.

The TV series is created by Kyrre Holm Johannessen and Ronit Weiss-Berkowitz and directed by Uri Barbash and Stian Kristiansen and has streamed on Netflix after it aired last April in Norway on TV2 and the Israel Hot channel. Star of the production, the 57-year-old Norwegian actress Anneke von der Lippe, the first interpreter from a Nordic country to win an international award, the International Emmy Award won in 2015 for the Norwegian crime drama in installments “Øyevitne” written and directed by Jarl Emsell Larsen. In the cast, also a reflection of the different national realities that participated in the realization of the product, also the actors Amos Tamam, Raida Adon, Shadi Mar’i and Daniel Litman.