The girls of the science of the future confront each other in Europe

“When I grow up I want to be a scientist”. There are still too few girls who believe in this dream and who manage to pursue it during their studies. But when they do, the results are extraordinary. And then it happens that they win a place in the national selection that will represent Italy at European competition “Young people and science – Eucys 2021”, scheduled in Salamanca, Spain, next September. Our selection will compare itself with the very young scientists of the other countries of the Union (girls and boys of the last year of high school), through research, discoveries and inventions. TO Salamanca, Spain, next September.

Overcoming the difficulties posed by the pandemic, dozens of girls and boys in the last year of high school from numerous Italian regions sent demonstrations and experiments supported by an innovative idea, a theoretical or technological intuition capable of offering interesting applications. A commission of experts from the Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations (FAST) commissioned by the Research Directorate of the European Commission examined their work.

New frontiers

The Strasbourg Parliament has set itself the goal of giving opportunities to the scientists of tomorrow, who will change our lives for the better with their imagination and creativity. But the consocrso is also a way to bring young people closer to the world of Stem (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), sectors in which the future of humanity will be decided and where jobs and salaries are much more solid than others.

The Land of Sara Peverali

Sara Perevali looks for a way to protect our environment, ensuring that the products that arrive on our tables are of quality and do not contaminate the territory. Sara lives in Cerano, in the province of Novara, with the rice fields as a backdrop. Its goal is to find alternative materials to tackle the plague of pollution. To hunt down chemical residues that are toxic to the environment and man, he created an analysis kit with sensors that using gold nano-particles that made it possible to discover the molecules of a preservative among the grains that is used in other countries but which may present risks.

Linda Paolinelli’s water

Sara’s future lies in green chemistry, with the myth of Marie-Curie. While that of Linda Paolinelli, which at the European competition in Spain is presented in a fierce trio with two colleagues, Leonardo Cerioni and Matteo Santoni, is in the water: blue gold, the resource to be preserved in every way. Among the benches of the Galilei Higher Education Institute in Jesi, in the province of Ancona, Linda and her companions have devised a system to use the civil wastewater entering and leaving the purifiers, producing electricity. By exploiting the chemical-physical characteristics of the liquid, they have shown that they are not a problem but a possibility from which to derive a profit. Linda lives in Ostra, near Ancona, determined to continue her studies in chemistry and pharmaceutical technologies. She too is convinced that growing up in the province pushes us to face the challenges that life puts before us with determination. She also knows that being a woman is more difficult, in the world of Stems, but she does not get discouraged: she thinks of scientists like Rita Levi Montalcini and she knows that she too, like any girl who truly loves him, can become what she wants. You just need to know how to imagine it.