The global cybersecurity center opens in Palermo

The [email protected] Security Center is inaugurated in Palermo by BIP CyberSec, a 24-hour operations center to serve national and international customers with the aim of guaranteeing the IT security of companies and institutions, generating an active and real-time response to cyber attacks . The hub aims to offer an innovative service for all organizations that need to constantly monitor the cyber security of their users, their data and their technological infrastructures.

The numbers of cyber attacks

Cybersecurity plays an increasingly important role in the industrial and social context: that of guaranteeing the operational continuity of companies and the protection of information and services from cyber threats. According to the Clusit 2023 Report, the growth in the number of attacks detected from 2018 to 2022 was 60% (from 1,554 to 2,489); in the same period the monthly average of serious attacks drastically worsened in terms of severity and impact (from 130 to 207). As of 2022, the report states that “Italy is in the crosshairs”, now receiving 7.6% of global attacks (against 3.4% in 2021). The [email protected] Security Center aims to redesign the structure of the Security Operation Centers (SOC), making available to customers the expertise of BIP CyberSec professionals, gained in over 10 years of work alongside the most important multinational companies in the main sectors of industry. The [email protected] Security Center is able to combine the high experience and competence of its professionals with the technological innovation of Google Cloud. The goal is to create an important differentiating factor: to adopt innovative technologies to automate the response to cyber attacks in order to reduce reaction times and increase the effectiveness of the response in case of threats.

“We believe in the South”

The BIP project in Southern Italy, born last year, has chosen Sicily as its starting point, where it has already created a team of over 250 professionals, to offer new job prospects and allow the development of skills in the Cyber, Digital and Innovation fields , fully exploiting the potential of Southern Italy. “BIP chose the South and started from Palermo – says Nino Lo Bianco, President of BIP – We believe that the South represents a hub of talents to be valued and involved in a project of sustainability and inclusion in the circuit of advanced economies of areas that have remained until now at the margins”. “Our goal is to support all our customers from Palermo, significantly improving the skills of their Security Operation teams, their processes, their technologies and their ability to react to cyber attacks.” – declares Claudio De Paoli, Head of the BIP CyberSec Center of Excellence.