The grandparents’ war, what to know about the film with Vincenzo Salemme and Max Tortora

The comedy The grandparents’ war with Max Tortora and Vincenzo Salemme will debut in theaters on November 30th and will ensure unmissable laughter. Gianluca Ansanelli’s fourth film as director tells the story of Gerri (played by Salemme), an attentive, caring grandfather with a passion for furniture restoration who lives together with his daughter Federica (played by Ana Caterina Morariu), to his son-in-law Ernesto (played by Luca Angeletti) and ai three grandchildren. The perfect family balance is interrupted by the exuberant and noisy paternal grandfather Tom (played by Tortora), who after many years living abroad returns to Italy to enjoy the company of his grandchildren. In the blink of an eye, a war breaks out between the two grandparents to win the affection of the boys and also a little of that of the beautiful young neighbor Viki (played by Bianca Guaccero). In the sea of ​​u200bu200btroubles the young man joins Gaetano (interpreted by Herbert Ballerina), an eclectic courier who seems to have only one impossible mission: to rejuvenate grandfather Gerri.


“These two grandparents are like cats and dogs, and we liked them to remember Tom & Jerry, a reference that is also transversal to younger audiences” explained director Ansanelli. “We loved the idea of ​​contrast, bringing into play as an added value two extraordinary actors who have at the same time a comic and a sentimental edge, two often antithetical territories”. Salemme has unleashed a weapon he knows well, comedy: “You know when you’ve done something well when you hear laughter, there are no formulas or secrets. Even vulgarity can work if you make people laugh, I prefer to make people laugh without vulgarity, however there are no recipes.” On the topic of “politically correct”, often raised on the subject, Tortora asked: “Who then establishes what can and cannot be said? There is no body, no one authorized to do it.” Both played the role of grandparents despite not even being parents, but as Salemme recalled, the lack of direct experience is not a problem, because “we forget too often that there are scripts in the cinema, we don’t necessarily have to be inspired by someone. We act based on what is written on the script, it’s our job. I certainly don’t act like a grandfather by taking inspiration from mine”. Herbert Ballerina finally confided that his happiness for the film also derives from “a completely personal reason, I have a different comic line, more aggressive than usual and then working with Salemme was for a real gift to me. The film is also nice for another reason: explore a little the rift that exists with the grandchildren because now between social media and smartphones the generational gap is truly enormous and it becomes difficult to be parents and, even more so, grandparents”.