The hard message of Daniela Aránguiz to Jorge Valdivia

In recent times, the followers of the couple formed by Daniela Aranguiz and Jorge Valdivia believed that the couple was on the way to a reconciliation. However, the “Zona de Estrellas” panelist in Zona Latina and the athlete confirmed their separation in mid-2022.

However, at the end of the year, the couple went on vacation together to the United States with their children, sparking speculation about a possible reconciliation. But everything seems to indicate that the couple is still separated. At least that is what Daniela implied with her last message to Jorge Valdivia.

In a program in which she participated, Daniela Aránguiz stated that she was not willing to forgive Jorge for his actions. In addition, she sent a loud and clear message to her ex-partner, asking them to stop crying and focus on her own life.

How did Daniela Aránguiz and Jorge Valdivia meet?

Daniela Aranguiz and Jorge Valdivia they met at a nightclub in Santiago, Chile, over a weekend. According to the influencer, she was contacted by Valdivia through MSN, after he asked a mutual friend for her information. At first, Daniela wasn’t sure about dating him, but as they started hanging out more often, chemistry began to emerge.

After a month of dating, the two had their first kiss and started dating. The relationship progressed quickly, and after eight months of dating, they got married. According to Daniela Aranguiz, Jorge proposed to her just four months after they started dating. Regarding the first appointments and impressions, Aránguiz highlighted the chivalry of Jorge Valdivia as what he liked the most about him.