The hard moment of health experienced by Álvaro Morte, ‘the Professor’ of La Casa de Papel

Álvaro Morte is the renowned Spanish actor who has achieved worldwide success in the participation of the most famous Netflix series “La Casa de Papel”, where the actor is the leader of the most famous band of thieves in all of Spain. Not only did he achieve great recognition in his country, but his popularity crossed borders.

The teacher” Before his rise to fame for his role in the most famous saga, he always had a great interest in dramatic art, beginning his artistic career directing plays and in some series such as: “Bandolera”, “Amar es para siempre”, among other.

We know a lot about his artistic career, but very little about his personal and private life. Recently, Alvaro He revealed that he had to go through a difficult event: “I have had very bad times and he has always tried to stay positive. I think the smart thing in life is to know how to find those things to toast and I have many.”

Source: Instagram @lacasadepapel

Is that the actor had cancer at 30 years of age, to which Alvaro He commented: “The worst thing about a disease is feeling sick. What worked for me to cope with it was feeling alive. At first I thought I was going to die, that my leg was being cut off … And nothing has happened. However, at that time I thought: if I die in three months, can I do it calmly? Have I respected the people around me and who love me? Have I been faithful to my principles? “, he concluded.

Source: Instagram @lacasadepapel

Nowadays, the protagonist of The Money Heist He is living with his family, with his wife Blanca Clemente, and his children enjoying every moment they share, for which he specified: “I try to take as much time as I can to be with my dwarfs. I want to enjoy them as much as I can.” .