The hard moment of health that Karen Bejarano is going through

The singer and influencer Karen Bejarano 37 years old is one of the most followed figures in the country for her beauty and talent. On Instagram alone, the artist accumulates more than a million followers from all latitudes who are daily aware of her movements and publications.

Karen Bejarano He is on vacation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico with his family and an accident marred his rest. Although she did not become older or extremely serious, she had to be treated and now she must be careful and pay attention to the healing that she has on her arm.

It was through his Instagram stories that Karen Bejarano showed a video where they are placing stitches and healing part of his arm. “I wanted to take a magnet for the fridge as a souvenir, but 3 points on the arm sounded much better. A glass door fell on me … the rest you already saw” wrote the singer.

Karen Bejarano injured. Source: instagram @karenbejaranotv

Karen Bejarano She did not have to be hospitalized but now she cannot dip her arm in the sea and she must be very careful so that the stitches that were placed do not become infected. The influencer’s fans immediately viralized the information and filled the clip with thousands of messages with good energy for her recovery.

“Hugs Karen”, “no, what a pain, a hug”, “I hope the pain passes soon”, “it hurt”, “that hurt”, and “I hope you recover”, were some of the reactions he received Karen Bejarano in the social network of the camera. Now all that remains is to hope that the stitches close and that she can return to her normal life.