The hard moment that Cecilia Bolocco lived

This August 4, the Investment in Cancer Seminar was held at the Mandarin Oriental hotel, by the Care Foundation of Cecilia Boloco. The former beauty queen prepared a lot to be present at that moment but she could not do it since she was infected with Covid and she had to be represented by her partner and her son at that time.

“He could not come because he is with COVID. It hit me in January and her now. She’s fine but she can’t go out because it’s illegal,” he explained. Maximum Bolocco to the DNA site. The young man had to officiate as host before medical eminences such as Dr. Rifat Atun, who explained the importance of investing in radiotherapy treatments for the development and economy of a country. “I feel very happy and grateful to be here and proud for my mother who got it, she got it fighting. This is wonderful and to push forward because it is what we need. We are here to represent her, impossible to be happier, I cannot be more grateful and admire her as a person, “also the son of Carlos Menem.

The young model recalled when he was sick with cancer and left a message for all those who are going through the same situation: “I would tell them to always hold their heads high, never lose faith. Let them feel within themselves that they are healthy.” Ceciliawho was present by Zoom, made a broadcast on Instagram in the last hours of this Thursday and talked about his health.

“They don’t know what has happened to my life lately (…) They don’t know how bad, how sick I’ve been. I supposedly went on vacation and all I did was work. I mean, look… a disaster, a disaster ”the presenter lamented, although she then transmitted peace and tranquility. “But I am back in Chile and the worst of all is that I arrived and got sick, I arrived sick it seems, with Covid, I don’t know. They do not know what I have suffered because today was such an important day. Today was the first seminar that the Care Foundation was going to carry out” he explained. Bolocco still feeling bad for not being able to be present.

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Finally, the former Miss Universe was calm about her relatives who were on her behalf: “It was done anyway. Obviously it was not going to be cancelled. International eminences came to speak at our seminar. It was spectacular. Pepito went on my behalf and Maximum also”.