The hard moment that China Suárez is going through

It is not a novelty that the news of China Suarez They are common currency in Argentina. And they are not always to announce job news for the actress and singer, but rather to talk about her courtships and romances. This May 24, the actress said “enough” and spoke about it on her social networks. “Hi there. Today I’m not here to tell you any recipe or anything. I show up here, I’m a little nervous… ”she began by saying.

And he explained: “I got a thread from Twitter that quite a few friends sent me which I think sums up very well what I always refer to as harassment. And it’s not from a victim place because obviously I’ve been wrong and I’m wrong, like everyone else. But I’m talking about a persecution and I think I’ve never talked about it so deeply because it’s hard for me and it makes me nervous.”

“I was telling you that I found this thread that describes cruelty and persecution and that I am going to share it. It’s hard for me, it’s hard to see. Because sometimes when I say that things don’t affect me because I have a very big shell because I have no other. It’s ugly, it’s painful. I feel ashamed, I feel sad, I think that only now am I at a point where I am strong enough to talk about it. I already passed what I had to pass, I already got away from the people who had to get away from me. I am very well surrounded, in a very good moment, “she was sincere China Suarez.

Source: Instagram @sangrejaponesa

“I am very well surrounded (…) I surrounded myself with very good lawyers. A friend in the middle (…) introduced me to a lawyer who is very human and is helping me a lot and we are moving forward and hopefully this works and that no one else goes through this ”, he confessed. The China She added: “Apart from all the bad things, I wanted to thank you, I had never felt so loved.”

The thread was titled “How inconsistent LAM (read: Angel de Brito and Yanina Latorre) chooses to be in order to criticize and attack China Suarez”. Apparently, a fan from China collected nine edited videos of the cycle with contradictions of the two journalists dealing with Wandagate and other episodes of the actress’s life. “It’s the same program that grabs you on the street with a microphone and you don’t answer because it’s the least you can do. If you don’t answer, they get angry,” the former “Almost Angels” joked. “Thanks to my friends and family for always banking me” she finished with an image of it, and then a video with her pets.