The harsh confession of a seer about the relationship between Anuel AA and Yailin La Más Viral

The things between the singer Anuel AA 29 years old and his wife Yailin, the most viral 20 are not good at all. They got married just three months ago and were one of the most sought after couples on social media, but now they are estranged and no longer make public appearances together.

Meanwhile from the surroundings of Yailin, the most viral, there are rumors of separation because Anuel AA He would have cheated on her with someone else. To this are added the recent statements of Viera Seer who through the tarot predicted that this marriage has already come to an end.

yailin, my love, it lasted very little! Through the letters I can see a distance between the two. Things are not going well right now, I see, thanks to this letter, that Anuel is looking elsewhere, leaving Yailin aside. Despite the fact that she says that she is going to leave things like that, I see that she is plotting something, perhaps a legal issue came later, ”said Viera Vidente.

Apparently things in the future will be more complicated for Anuel AA who already has several legal problems due to an unrecognized daughter and the little presence in the life of his son Pablo. In addition, Viera Vidente confirmed that the singer is already in a new relationship and that he used Yailin.

Yailin and Anuel AA. Source: Terra archive

“She is a very beautiful brunette, but everything she touches destroys it” said Viera Vidente about the new couple of Anuel AA then add: “It is true that yailin She loved Anuel, but more than him, she loved her pocket. I see through the letters that Anuel the only woman he has truly loved is Karol G, for her, he was trying to change. I’m going to tell you something Yailin, I’m sorry to tell you that Anuel used you, he doesn’t love you or really love you, because as the saying goes, ‘one nail pulls out another nail’”.