The harsh message of Liliana Rodríguez against José Luis ‘el Puma’ Rodríguez

A few hours ago, Liliana Rodriguez shared a photograph from a while ago. “ME…. Last year to date!…. Always smiling… .but bitter unhappy!…. Swollen and misshapen…. About to explode ”he wrote referring to the fact that she felt over his weight. And he gave the reasons: “THIS IS THE FACE OF WHISKEY VODKA BEER AND WHAT COMES UNCONTROLLED … fed up with food along with countless cigarettes …”.

And he continued talking about José Luis ‘el Puma’ Rodríguez: “THIS IS THE FACE OF: I’ve already tried“ everything ”and I can’t …… why continue? If my own father does not love me, no man will love me! Self sabotage is the best defense against YOURSELF GOD knows you and loves you…. Surely at some point he will come to your rescue! ”.

Liliana She also spoke about her sisters and her daughter Galilea, and revealed what she told them: “They are exaggerated !!!!! By Diosssssssssss I do not have alcohol problems nor am I obese !!! What I am is tasty !!!!!! I AM TASTY BUT HEALTHY !!!! ”.

Source: Instagram @lilianarodriguezmorillo

Not happy with it, she went back to talking about the ‘Cougar‘: “Your dad publicly despises you and your husband abandons you…. Surely YOU ARE THE ONE WITH THE PROBLEM AND YOU ARE NOT WORTH ANYTHINGAAAAAAAAAAAA ”. The singer left a motivating message: “Whoever loves you loves you as you are and if not, let them go to the € _ >> < # #% %]… ..Where did everyone go ???? ?????? ”.


Finally, true to form, Liliana He thanked God: “THANK YOU GOD, MY BELOVED BECAUSE YOU DID NOT LEAVE ME ALONE…. Because I LOOKED FOR YOU AND I FOUND YOU…. AND YOU SAVED ME AGAIN !!! ”. He also did it with the doctor who performed the gastric sleeve: “THANK YOU DR RONALD MOORE @mooresurg FOR LISTENING TO MY 2 HOUR CRYING HELP !!!! (which doctor does that ??????) ”.