The harsh reaction of Daniela Aránguiz to the comments about her flirting with Chino Ríos

The model and influencer Daniela Aranguiz She is one of the most popular women on television but also one of the most controversial. the ex of Jorge Valdivia Nothing is saved, neither on social networks where he accumulates a million followers, nor on his program ‘Zona de estrellas’ where he is a panelist.

It turns out that Daniela Aranguiz He posted a like to a photo of the tennis player a few days ago Marcelo Rios where he presented his new and luxurious car on Instagram. Chino Ríos is debuting a Lamborghini Huracan STO and the former Jorge Valdivia she was happy about it but they immediately began to attack her.

Daniela Aranguiz She does not remain silent in the face of haters and now she has made a controversial statement in her Instagram stories. “Cachai that yesterday I put a heart like a like to the car of the Chinese Rivers, because I liked the car, I found it super cute, purple… but what’s up with the comments? I get the comments because they tag me and I say what’s up… ‘I’m peeling you’, ‘do you want them to take you out for a walk’… they make me laugh…”. said the ex of Valdivia.

The photo of the controversy. Source: instagram @marceloriosoficial

“One, if I want to fight, I fight with who I want because I’m a single woman, which is not the case because I put a heart on a car, and I don’t need to be taken out for a ride because I have a car just as bakan as he Chinese“, clarified Daniela Aranguiz before the attacks he received on the network.

Finally, Daniela Aranguiz clarified: ” “If I want tomorrow, I’ll go and buy the same car as the Chinese Rivers… so nothing interested, it hurts whoever it hurts, because not all women are the same”. In this way, the ex of Jorge Valdivia He made it clear that he has no other intentions with the athlete and that he does not lack money.