The harsh responses of Daniela Aránguiz to the haters who criticize her

The influencer and former participant of “Mekano”, Daniela Aranguiz, shared a photo on his social networks this weekend, enjoying the heat in the capital. The image showed Daniela wearing a bikini in the patio of her house, near her pool. The photo had a short life on Instagram, as the influencer later deleted it.

Comments. Source: Instagram @danyaranguizf

Despite receiving dozens of compliments from his fans, there were also some negative comments from certain followers who claimed they “did not understand” the reason for posting the photo on Instagram. Nevertheless, Daniela Aranguiz She was not affected by these criticisms and responded with confidence, assuring that she has plenty of self-respect and works on herself every day.

Comments. Source: Instagram @danyaranguizf

Also, when some users accused her of seeking attention or being a “operated” person, Daniela Aranguiz he responded with humor and determination, making it clear that it is not for sale and that what they are seeing is free.

Comments. Source: Instagram @danyaranguizf

Meanwhile, Anita Alvarado confirmed her complaint against Daniela Aránguiz

This is a criminal complaint filed by the television personality, Anita Alvaradoagainst Daniela Aránguiz. The legal action was filed the same day that Anita announced her decision through a live on Instagram, and was presented in the 8th Guarantee Court of Santiago.

The complaint is due to the fact that Anita accuses Daniela Aranguiz of having issued “insults and slander in the social media,” specifically on television programs. The lawsuit centers on an accusation by Daniela that Anita is engaging in the sex trade illegally, something Anita denies. In addition, Anita also accuses Daniela of “seeking damage and involving other people like my daughter.” In the complaint, Anita demands a prison sentence and an economic fine, specifically 541 days of minor imprisonment and a fine of 20 Monthly Tax Units, in addition to legal expenses.