The heartbreaking publication of Cristián Arriagada with his son in the cemetery that will make you cry

Cristian Arriagadawidower of the journalist Javiera Suarez, shared an emotional video on his social networks where he shows how he celebrated Mother’s Day with his son Pedro Milagros. Javiera she passed away in 2019 after fighting skin cancer for several years. During her pregnancy, Javiera underwent innovative treatments that did not compromise the life of her son.

Pedrito at Javiera’s grave. Source: Instagram @cristianarriagada.

In the video, Cristián shows Pedro leaving flowers on his mother’s grave, Javiera Suarez, in the cemetery. In the post, Christian thanks all the women who give their time, energy and love for others, in a word, their life. Then, share how they celebrated with Pedro in the “mama’s garden.” “We remember fun moments, we laughed, we left her flowers and some gifts,” said Cristián.

The video and the post have moved many users on social networks, who have left messages of support and congratulations for the way in which Christian commemorated this important date.

“She is surely enjoying her day there in heaven”, “how beautiful the rituals”, “how important for Pedrito to celebrate his mother, who takes care of him from heaven”, are some of the messages that can be found in the publication of Cristian Arriagada.

The loss of a loved one is always painful, but celebrating their life and honoring their memory is an act of love that can bring comfort. On this Mother’s Day, Cristian Arriagada and Pedro Milagros found a beautiful and moving way to celebrate the life of Javiera Suárez.