The heartfelt gesture of trust between Laura de la Fuente and Máximo Bolocco

Last night, the great friends Laura de la Fuente and Máximo BoloccoThey participated in one of the most important rites of their lives. It is about the closing of their school stage, where all the young people in fourth grade live special moments to crown their achievements.

Laura and friends. Source: Instagram @laudelafuentec

These are the children of the children of Angelica Castro, Cristian de la Fuente Y Cecilia Boloccowho are celebrating graduation parties and degrees, before starting next year with their university studies.

Last Tuesday, November 22, a proud Cecilia Bolocco told in a live broadcast that her son Maximum I was going to participate in this ceremony called “Ring and Medal Ceremony”. This school rite consists of the end of the school year, students receive recognition as a closing of this stage in their lives. They can choose to receive a ring or a medal.

Laura and Máximo with friends. Source: Instagram @laudelafuentec

It was the own laura de la fuente who was in charge of showing on their social networks how the moment passed. He posted photos with his friends whom he called “my loves” and among them was Máximo. According to what is seen in the photos, Laura chose the ring and Maximum he opted for the pendant medal.

Laura and Maximo They have a very good friendship, they have shared their school days together and they have also been seen on several occasions. Even Máximo was on the lookout accompanying her friend, in the serious event that she experienced in March of this year, when she had to experience a door slam, where he ended up with a gunshot wound to his leg.