The heartfelt message from Sonia Isaza to her mother-in-law, the mother of Arturo Vidal

Arturo vidal He usually shows through his social networks how solid his relationship is with the Colombian fitness model, sonia isaza. With her he uploads videos and photos that show how much fun they have when they are together. For example, when the player became champion of the Copa Libertadores with his team Flamengo.

It is worth noting that Arturo vidal At the age of 35 and with the triumph of his team in the Copa Libertadores de América, he managed to position himself as one of the most important sports figures in Chile. The Chilean national team player is also considered one of the most winning footballers in the history of our country. In the celebrations of the title, the King shared through his instagram account with his followers, some photos in which he is seen with his girlfriend, sonia isaza and his mother, Jacqueline Pardo.

Sonia greeted her mother-in-law for her birthday. Source: Instagram @niaisazaoficial

It’s important pointing that soniathe King’s girlfriend and her mother-in-law have a very good relationship. Vidal He usually shares photos with his Instagram followers that show the three of them enjoying beautiful family moments. On a few occasions, Jacqueline has traveled to Brazil to accompany her son and daughter-in-law in her new home.

sonia He maintains an excellent relationship with Arturo’s mother and this was demonstrated by the beautiful message he shared on his Instagram account. The young woman greeted Jacqueline on the occasion of her birthday. Her son also took the opportunity to publish an affectionate message to her mother on the occasion of her celebration. In the image used by the King, both are with the cup.

The King’s greeting to his mother. Source: [email protected]

The love between the most winning player of the Chilean National Team and isaza It is getting more intense and the King likes to reflect it on his instagram account. The Colombian model has more than 3 million followers on her Instagram account, who follow her training routines and healthy lifestyle.