The heartfelt message from the unrecognized son of Puma Rodríguez to Lila Morillo

This August 14, Lilac Morillo he is turning 82 years old. The Venezuelan singer is “better than ever” as her daughters Liliana and Lilibeth have expressed on different occasions in which the health of the famous artist has been questioned. In a recent interview with Luis Olavarrieta, she herself has spoken about her relationship with her ex-husband.

“When I finished writing Lila’s story (my book), I was going to make a scandal. I like forgiveness, I forgive. I have forgiven. I continue to forgive. And who am I not to forgive. I talk a lot with my daughters and I still I advise them. And I am sure that they have forgiven (their father). I am happy, I live in peace, I sleep peacefully because in Lila there is forgiveness and I have shown it. And in my daughters there is also forgiveness, “he said Lilac Morillo.

This Sunday the 14th, her daughter Lilibeth uploaded a video with her mother and wrote: “Gentlemen… we are PRE BIRTHDAY!!!!…. There is little left to celebrate the birth of a Star, a Diva, a Queen, a Golden Maracucha, an example, a school, a Heritage… MY MOM!!!!!!!”. Lilac, proud of her daughter, answered: “Really? She was a NICE SURPRISE. She didn’t know where they were taking me! I always LIKED COLONIA TOVAR! THANK YOU! LILIBETH!! Daughter! Little piece of sky!! Really enjoyed it!”. Colonia Tovar is a Venezuelan city, capital of the Tovar municipality, in Aragua state.

Source: Instagram @elpumajunior

Liliana Rodríguez, her other daughter from her relationship with Jose Luis ‘El Puma’ Rodriguez, could not be present but also left a message for his mother and sister: “AHHHHHHHHHHH I DYING TO BE THERE WITH YOU!!!!!! Yes, tomorrow is the big day, a hug to the dear Cousins!….. How delicious is the Tovarrrrrr neighborhood”.

Source: Instagram @elpumajunior

But the one who caught the most attention is José Luis Rodríguez, better known as The Cougar Junior. “This day is very special. For my Park we celebrate another year of life of the Matriarch of the LILA MORILLO Family” she began by saying. And he continued: “She is loved by everyone, there is no one in the Family who does not love her, from The Smallest Morel to The Largest CLAUDIO is a large Family where love reigns and union where one eats we all eat that LILA taught us to grow that everything we do, do it well consumers with discipline is very straight, very general”.

Apparently, their relationship is very close since she assures that “she gives us advice, she encourages us when we get depressed, she is our spiritual guide, our LEADER full of wisdom, joy of the healing holy spirit, with her there is always a solution, there is no tribulation, that we do not defeat .She has a wise and very ancient spirit Like Grandmother ANA LILA is our Light and will continue to shine radiantly Park The creator is not wrong and he gave her to us So that we love her and celebrate especially today August 14 my LEONA GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU FOREVER”. Finally, she signed as “YOU PUMITA JR”.