The heat returns but for a short time, thunderstorms and crisp air on the weekend

Hail risk in the North

In the next few hours, a bit of heat will return to the North, after pleasant and mild days; in the South the weather will slowly improve thanks to the removal of the Balkan cyclone towards Greece. In this dynamic phase, however, the rising heat will be a precursor of more intense thunderstorms at the weekend, especially in the North, for a new change of scenery: after a couple of days at 33/34 ° C the fresh Atlantic air will return from Saturday with a drop in temperature and the risk of hail. In short, a dancer at the end of August, in which, however, there will be ample moments of the day completely sunny and pleasant.

Andrea Garbinato, Editor of the website, indicates the risk of some intense phenomenon between Friday night and Saturday morning with the arrival of decidedly unstable currents from France and Switzerland. The hail risk it will be localized, as always, but elevated; during the weekend the spells will dominate along the coasts. With thunderstorms, even intense ones, the days are in any case often sunny for many hours and have a crisp, light and drier air after the passage of the storm.


Thursday 25. In the North: from the afternoon thunderstorms on the reliefs of the Triveneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. In the Center: a bit unstable on the lower Lazio. In the South: thunderstorms in Calabria, less likely elsewhere.

Friday 26. In the North: sunny and warm but with afternoon thunderstorms. Center: cloudy sky with afternoon thunderstorms close to the hills. In the South: slight improvement with some residual downpours, especially in inland areas.

Saturday 27. In the North: scattered thunderstorms. Center: variable with some showers or thunderstorms on Umbria, Marche, Abruzzo and Molise. In the South: prevalence of sunshine except for afternoon thickening in inland areas.

Trend. Sunday still very unstable with frequent thunderstorms, especially in the North and in the inland areas of the Center-South. Sunny weather from Monday.